Fairy Tale Dress

As soon as I saw the Fairy Tale Dress pattern from Oliver + S I knew I wanted to make this dress.  It is just so freaking adorable.  I think my favorite feature is the tulip sleeve, but the whole thing is just really cute.


I love that this dress is fully lined and has a tulle crinoline layer in the skirt.  I used a cotton print fabric from the Little Lisette fabric line.  The collar and waistband are made out of a rayon-type fabric.  This made cutting the waistband on the bias a little tricky.  Also, since the waistband isn’t interfaced like the collar it would probably hold its shape better if it was made out of a sturdier fabric.  I already had this pink in my fabric stash though and it matched perfectly so I went with it.


This dress was finished just in time to be a special Easter dress for my niece, and I think she liked it.  She also loved that she could run. play, and climb in the dress.  Really, those are the only pictures you can get of this child because she is non-stop on the go.


I don’t think that there could ever be too many of these dresses, so I will definitely be making this pattern again.  The instructions were awesome.  It took me a long time to complete, bu that is because I have been crazy busy this year with work things.  Hopefully more sewing time will free up after April so that my to-make lists can become more of a reality instead of a pipe dream.

Fairy Tale Dress Montage

Happy Easter!



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