King of the Ranch

The completion of this quilt came a long time after it was initially requested.  Several factors contributed to this delay, but the important thing is that I finished this quilt in time to give it as a Christmas gift for the intended recipient, my uncle.  I used the Meandering Path layout from the Moda Bake Shop for the quilt front.  I really liked this design because it highlights all of the prints and sews together fairly quickly.

King of the Ranch 1

The pattern requires one charm pack and one layer cake.  I used Moda’s King of the Ranch fabric line.  It is difficult for me to pick out fabrics suitable for a male, however I was excited when I found this fabric.  I loved the prints and colors.  They also fit the requested description of cowboy on the front and Southwest on the back.

King of the Ranch 2

Also to fit the bill of the initial request for this quilt was the size.  A length greater than 60″ was desired.  This layout yields a generous sized quilt, which is perfect for napping, with 60″ by 72″ finished dimensions.

King of the Ranch 3

While looking for fabrics for the back, I realized that Southwestern-type fabric is not all that easy to find.  I found one print that I really liked, but sadly I was not able to get enough for the entire back.  I mixed in a couple of solids and a neat horse head print.  I do really enjoy a pieced backing even if the ‘pieces’ are relatively large.

King of the Ranch 4

I am pretty pleased with how this quilt turned out.  I used vertical lines at varying spacing for all of the quilting.  The best part was seeing my uncle’s face when he opened up his Christmas present.  Giving a great gift is one of the best things in the world.  When said gift is a handmade creation you made, that is an even better feeling.

King of the Ranch 5

I will leave you with a couple of fabric close-ups for your viewing pleasure as I am still working on my large quilt photography skills.

King of the Ranch 6



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