Art Student Tote

This bag is big!  I had read a few reviews on this pattern before I took it on and they all said it was a pretty big bag.  Let me tell you, seeing is believing.  I guess it is just hard to fully comprehend until you see the an actually finished product.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to make a big bag and this definitely fit the bill.

Art Student 1

Ever since I found this pattern, Art Student Tote by Anna Maria Horner, I was drawn to it.  The perfect occasion to make this arose as a Christmas gift for my sister.  I figured she could use it as a work bag or later on as a diaper bag.  I did the entire lining in a PUL fabric to make it diaper bag appropriate.  The exterior of this bag features two different prints in the Impressions line by Ty Pennington.  They are both sateen cotton home decor weight fabrics.

Art Student 2

I pretty much followed the instructions on everything except for the top zipper closure.  I wanted the bag to be able to zip close, but I didn’t want the whole extension panel as shown in Option B of the pattern.  I used almost the same method as Option B with shorter extension panels and a little bit different attachment method.  The only thing I wish I would have done differently would be to have top stitched around the top of the interior pocket panels before attaching them to the main interior linings.  I think this would have helped with the structure of the pockets.   Unfortunately I did not get an interior photo.  It was freezing cold outside when I took these and I wasn’t able to get the bag to cooperate well enough to get a decent shot.  You will just have to trust me that all of the interior side pockets are an excellent feature of this pattern.

Art Student 3



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