Framanda Quilt

This is a belated wedding present that morphed into a Christmas present. I think I will blame time, or lack there of, on this transition. The title of this project probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I can explain. My really good friend, college roommate, and sharer in countless fun stories, Amanda, got married this past September. She married a great guy whose last name just so happens to be Frame. I enjoy a quality nickname, therefore I came up with one for them combining the two names. Framanda. Maybe couple nicknames are sooo 2008, but I love it and will forevermore refer to these two good friends as Framanda.

Framanda 1

What better way to highlight this than through a quilt?  When I first saw the Oh, Fransson! letter pattern this idea popped into my head and I could not shake it.  It turned out almost as perfect as my vision.  The one thing I would change if I could would be to add a small sliver of the solid fabric between the N and the D.  Those two seem a little squished together due to the nature of their respective letter shapes.  Other than that one spot I really like how the letters lined up and connected to each other.  I printed off the pattern pieces for these letters at a larger scale, I think 150%, to get finished letters around 7.5″ tall.  My only other small gripe is on the quilting.  There are a couple of places towards the edges where the straight lines started to curve in and I had to make a new straight guideline which created a few misshapen areas in the quilting grid.

Framanda 2

All the prints in this quilt are Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry.  I just picked out several fat quarters because I knew I wanted to make a pieced back as well.  I really like all of these prints and had a hard time picking out the ones that I wanted to order.  It is a little hard to tell from these pictures with the quilt laying over the fence, but it is a 60″ square finished size.

Framanda 3

I used a half yard of one of the plaid prints in the Modern Meadow collection for the binding.  I am starting to realize that I love striped bindings, but it is not all that easy to find a great stripe fabric to use.  When I find them you can bet I don’t think twice about adding them to my ever-growing stash!

Framanda 4

I also got photobombed by my very curious horse while taking these pictures.  She is so cute though I don’t really mind at all!



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