Owl Backpack

Another Made by Rae toddler backpack pattern completion!  This one is going to the son of my sister’s friend.  I really enjoyed making this variation and using so many bright colors.

Owl Backpack

I used a couple of different Ann Kelle prints and some Ta Dot in Apple.  The blue twill fabric used for the bottom and interior gives the bag structure.  These pictures were taken on an overcast day so the colors are not popping as well as they do in person.

Owl Backpack 1

Even though this is going to an adorable little boy, I started this project trying to make it gender neutral.  I am not sure that I succeeded on that front.  There are so many great fabrics out there for kids, but when I start to gather a few for certain projects they always seem to either read specifically boy or girl.

Owl Backpack 2

You may have noticed in the above backpack picture that I got photo bombed by my large black dog.  Well here she is  eyeing my little assistant.  It is as if her big brown eyes are saying, “Staring contest.  You and me, go.”  If you picked up on the Will Ferrell quote you are stellar in my book.  SNL FAN HIGH FIVE! 



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