Imma be Halloween for Minnie!

Oh the things kids say.  An innocent little word reversal by my niece has made me smile for weeks.  A few weeks ago when I only had the bodice and one sleeve of her costume completed for a first fit she proclaimed, “Imma be Halloween for Minnie!” as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She then proceeded to look back at me and asked for more to try on.  I had to disappoint her at the time, but finally the costume was finished and she loved it.

She even has the Minnie pose down pretty good.  I used McCalls 6269 which is apparently now out of print.  I followed all of the directions for the bodice and then kind of did my own thing for the skirt.  I should have went back to the directions when it came time to put in the zipper, but when it was time for the zipper I didn’t have the patience for reading directions.  The zipper is functional, but not exactly invisible.  Hey, it is only a costume!

Minnie found Rainbow Brite at a Halloween party.  Pretty awesome, right?  Kenley loves wearing her costume and seeing her face light up makes my efforts of working with those tiny sleeves and arm holes all worth it.

Minnie loves her candy!

Happy Halloween!!



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