Big-Eyes Big-Girl Bed Quilt

…. or the biggest quilt I’ve ever made.  Bed sized quilts are huge.  This one is twin sized and it felt ginormous when I was in the middle of quilting it.  Next time I will strongly consider having some one else actually do the quilting if I ever make another bed sized quilt.  I started making this at the beginning of the year in hopes of giving it to Kenley at her second birthday party.  Well, that came and went.  After I missed the party deadline this kind of got put on the sidelines.  I was irritated at myself for not getting it done and I was also disappointed that it was not turning out perfect.  There are a few places where the fabric is bunched up in the quilting stitches.  Maybe I need to do a better job basting when the quilt is so big.  Live and learn.  Hopefully no one else really notices the imperfections like I do.

For the longest time I only had the binding left to do and the other night I finally got it done.  Coincidentally the timing worked out to be right around Kenley’s half birthday.  She was just excited that I came to her house with a present.

She had fun playing around with it for a while before we put it on her bed.  Turns out a quilt can be a pretty entertaining item.

She still loved it when it was on her bed.  It went great with her other big eyes, aka owls, in her bedroom.

All of the fabrics are from the Hoo’s in the Forest collection from Riley Blake.  I tried to highlight the main yellow print with all the super cute animals by using it in large squares and alternating in smaller patched blocks.  The back is even pieced and shows off the delightful apple and cherry  and floral prints.

I think overall it turned out pretty good.  At least for a few moments it made someone as happy as a hippo.  That makes it all worth it.

Happy half birthday you crazy monkey!



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