Baby Shower With a Little Snoopy

A couple of weekends ago I helped host a baby shower for my cousin.  She has always been a fan of Snoopy from Peanuts fame so we added Snoopy flare to give the shower a bit of a theme.

I was in charge of the cakes and opted to make two different types.  For the traditional people I made a white cake with chocolate filling, and for the more adventurous cake eaters I made a lemon cake with raspberry filling.  Both were topped with buttercream frosting.

The plan was to have the cakes look identical from the outside with just some fluffy white frosting.  Late night improvised decisions were made when the raspberry filling started to seep out the sides.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?  So more raspberry filling was added to the frosting and the cake became pink.  Just because it is a boy baby shower doesn’t mean we can’t eat pink cake!  The personalized cake bunting did turn out exactly as planned.  I guess there are less variables in paper crafting than food crafting.

For part of my gift I made a Snoopy/Peanuts themed baby blanket.   The character prints were all found at Joann’s and the rest were just pieces from my ever-growing fabric stash.

I pieced together the 36 inch square quilt top and simply backed it with some awesome Snoopy cuddle fabric.  You know that fabric that is super soft and has a lot of loft, but sheds like no other on any sort of cut edge?  I have a strong love-hate relationship with that kind of fabric.

The cuddle fabric has a very large Snoopy print.  It is pretty adorbs though.  Well hello there, Woodstock!

A shower goer asked me to make her a blanket just like this only with a Bambi theme.  Any one have ideas on where to find Bambi fabric?  I am all ears!



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