Almost Two

Kenley Beans is about to turn two.  She has changed so much over the past year.  Now she is a walking, talking, tiny bit bossy, full of character, little girl.

Such a ham bone, right?  You really can’t help loving her, especially when that smile comes out.  She does make an excellent little model.  For her second birthday photo shoot she is modeling a dress I made for her.  The pattern is called The Perfect Little Party Dress by Heidi and Finn.

It was a really easy pattern to follow and comes together pretty quick.  The pattern is a pdf which is emailed after purchase off of Heidi and Finn’s Etsy shop.  I am so glad that I heard about Heidi and Finn patterns from other bloggers.  They have some very cute children’s patterns at great prices.

I really like how the elastic around the armholes and neckline add a little something to this simple design.  Also, you may notice the stitches around the neckline.  They stand out a little because I didn’t have a matching thread color and did not attempt to buy some for this little dress.  I used what I had on hand and talked myself into it being a good thing as it is just another accent to the dress.  Feel free to silently disagree with me if you so choose, because I cannot change it now!

And just for funzies sake, a baby pink, tiny, grand piano!  Who can resist that?



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