Two Halves Make…

…  An octagon? 

In this case, I guess that makes sense.  This is part of a quilt block for a new group I have recently joined.  It is a quilting bee group organized through Flickr.  There are a ton of different groups out there and I happened across this one and jumped in.  This particular group is called Quilts for Cancer as the quilts made through this bee will be given to someone with cancer or donated to help out cancer patients in some way.  Pretty neat, right? 

The February leader in the group choose a great block called the Octagonal Orb Block which was designed by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! fame.  She gave us a great color palette to work with too. 

The colored squares are sewn together almost like a tiered cake would be layered up with the neutral center square as the topper.  These eight sections all came together pretty quick.

Each little ‘cake’ is then cut into a triangular piece using a template given in the block tutorial.  Some of the top colored squares, inner ring of the octagon, can be cut narrower so there is really little fabric wasted.  I didn’t realize this and got on such a roll cutting up some fabric scraps, but it worked out fine.  Wider is better than too narrow in my book.

Two triangles are sewn together to make the four quadrants.  Two quadrants than make a half together.  Sew the two halves together, add some neutral triangles to square off the whole thing, and you have yourself one pretty snazzie quilt block. 

Hopefully I got everything right for my first official quilt bee submittal.  I used to always think of stop signs when I heard mention of an octagon, but not any more!



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