Monkey Back Pack

I have made a few things so far in 2012, unfortunately I don’t have pictures of them to share.  I made Kyle her own Go Anywhere Bag for her birthday out of some nice Denyse Schmidt fabric.  The bag was finished in plenty of time before her birthday, but for some reason I never got any pictures of it.  Maybe I will be able to get some of it in action.  Also, I have recently finished a cute little dress for Kenley’s second birthday photo shoot.  She has tried it on once, but getting her to stand still and whatnot is quite a bit of a chore.  There is also a skirt I attempted to make for myself that did not pan out so well.  It did prove to be quite the learning experience though.    I did just finish up a monkey themed back pack for my mother to give as part of a co-worker’s baby shower gift.  Again, this is the Made By Rae pattern with an extra front pocket addition.

In all of the versions of this pattern I have made, I have opted to make all of the straps out of fabric instead of the alternative nylon webbing option.  One reason is because I don’t have nylon webbing in my stash of sewing hubaloo, and for two I simply like the way it looks better. 

All of the printed fabrics used to make this backpack have come from various Ann Kelle fabric collections.  I love her prints and they fit in so well with this type of toddler/baby themed project.  The bottom piece shown above is quilted with a little bit of batting to give the backpack some support and structure.  I tried to follow the argyle print for this little quilting process.

A new addition has been made to the pattern since it was released to include a lining for the back pack.  In the way that I have chosen to make these back packs, I personally don’t think that a lining is necessary.  I baste all of the main pieces to a twill fabric and finish off the inside seams with bias tape.  I think the outcome is pretty clean on the inside.  Also, I think this helps with the structure of the back pack as they stand up and hold their shapes quite well. 

I can’t seem to get enough of these little back packs and all the versions I have made so far have turned out pretty great.  Maybe I’ll have to scale everything up to make a ‘Denise’ sized one some day. 



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