DL Back to CO!

For just over two years now, the KR and DL of KRDL Paper and Fabric Things have been separated by an eight-hour drive/55 minute flight/state lines.  Things are changing on this front in the very near future.  I, the  DL in this instance, am moving back to Colorado.  It’s super exciting for me to be moving back around all of my family.  I will get to see a lot more of my favorite little hoarder. 

Also, my four-legged friend will be super happy to see more of her dog relatives.  Paisley Sue, as she is formally known as, sure does love hanging out with the two brown boxers.  They are the three best friends that anyone could have…

Packing everything up to move and all the stuff that goes with it has sure occupied a lot of my time and energy lately.  This has forced me to re-evaluate my way over ambitious handmade Christmas gift list.  There will still be handmade gifts given which I will share here later.  One thing I can share is that I have really enjoyed working with the toddler back pack pattern from Made by Rae.  I have made a few versions now and each time I have been super happy with the outcome.

This is actually the first one I made and it wasn’t intended for anyone specific, just a test run.  I added the front zip pocket, but that is the only thing I did differently.  I basted the main pieces to a twill fabric so it is pretty sturdy and holds its shape well.  More of these cute little back packs will be popping up here as I am sure you can guess that my favorite little hoarder needs to have one!  My next post should be written from Colorado.  I can’t wait!



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