Holiday Planning

Now that Halloween is over it is time to start getting everything ready for Christmas.  I have big plans for a bunch of handmade gifts this year so maybe I should have started earlier.  I have a couple of things made up and several more planned out.  I always seem to make myself over ambitious lists.  Maybe I underestimate the time each project will take.  Maybe I overestimate my skills.  Either way, it usually ends up with not everything getting checked off of my way-too-ambitious-and-ridiculously-detailed-and-planned-out list. (Seriously, I type them up and format them in an Excel spreadsheet)  A girl has to have goals though, right? I am 98% sure that the people I am making gifts for this year don’t read this blog, but I don’t want to risk that 2% chance and ruin my favorite part of gift giving.  I love seeing the person’s face when they open a gift, especially one I have made myself.  That means posts here may be a little sparse on the completed projects end until after Christmas.     

I can’t put up a post without some photos though.  Here is a little montage of my niece modeling a few of the wipeable bibs I have made her.  They have worked out well and stand up to some rough usage.  My sister throws them in the washing machine every so often when a simple wipe doesn’t do the trick.

As always, feel free to check out our Etsy store.  There are currently some wipeable bibs listed there as well as several other items that would make excellent Christmas gifts.



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