Quick Little Blanket

Precut fabrics are great.  Not only do you get to use all the fabric in a collection without having to buy it individually, but it also cuts out a step in the quilt making process.  I really enjoy looking at all the great creations made out of Moda precut fabrics in their bake shop.  There are some pretty creative uses for the precuts.  I stayed pretty simple and straight forward for this quick little blanket.  

I had a charm pack and some matching jelly roll strips leftover from a different project.  They are from the Central Park fabric collection by Kate Spain.  She has some excellent designs and they are used in all types of products, not just fabric.  My favorite, besides the fabric of course, is the tableware.

Keeping with the simple theme of this blanket I sewed the charms into six straight rows of seven squares each.  Then I pieced the rows together with a jelly roll strip in between each one.  I did this for two reasons.  First, the jelly roll strips gave the top some extra length which was nice.  Also, the strips are kind of like a buffer between the rows so I did not have to be super cautious about lining up the intersections when pinning the rows together.  This sped up the piecing process a little. 

Instead of going down the traditional quilting route for this blanket I opted for a minky backing and eliminated batting and binding.  I found this minky fabric on sale awhile back for a great deal and the color just happened to fit perfectly with the Central Park collection.  I secured the two layers together with a few top stiched lines  and around the edges after sewing them right sides together and flipping the right sides out. 

This blanket is only about 32 inches by 38 inches.  It is super soft and light yet would be warm so I think it would be very versatile in its uses for a baby to toddler stage.  I have a feeling I will be making more blankets like this one in the not too distant future.  Don’t forget to check out our Etsy store for new KRDL creations!



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