A Quick Drawstring Backpack

Last week I was sent this photo of Miss Kenley Beans.

Apparently she was waiting for a table at a restaurant, but did not want to part with her beloved animal toys.  This photo validates my theory that my niece is a hoarder, but my other family members disagree with me.  Only time will tell, right?

Anywho, this photo in combination with finding a sweet tutorial inspired me to make her a drawstring bag so she can hoard her belongings easier and with more style.  The tutorial is free on a pretty nifty little site, www.noodle-head.com.  The tutorial uses old khaki pants for the majority of the fabric and goes for more of a boy theme.  I used fabric remnants I had in my possession instead.

I think it turned out pretty amazing.  The tutorial was super easy to follow and had lots of excellent photos too.  This was made entirely out of fabric remnants I have picked up, most likely on sale, during my frequent fabric store visits.

It even has a great little zip pocket on the front.  This pocket may provide Kenley with some super secret hoarding opportunities.

This might not be the best way to show it, but the inside is fully lined.  I used more of the grey polka dot print from the front for the lining.

This little drawstring backpack was shipped out to my favorite little hoarder.  Hopefully she will enjoy using it to tote around her beloved belongings everywhere.  I sure enjoyed making it for her.



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