Coral Themed Baby Gift

My sister requested a gift set of bibs and a diaper/wipes pouch for a friend of her’s. She mentioned girly and coral. I searched through my stash and found what I believe to be the perfect fabric combination.

Ask and you shall receive!  Well maybe not always, but in this case it is true.  I have made several diaper pouches and wipeable bibs in the past.  The quilted bib, however, is a first for me.  I really wanted to try it out as I had extra chenille fabric, left over from the recently requested set of three quilts, which I felt would be perfect for the backing.

I toyed with the idea of piecing the front together, but settled on just using one fabric as I wanted to put it together and see the finished product quickly.  Maybe next time I will allot myself more time and piece together a cute front.  This bib should be super absorbent because it has a layer of cotton batting in between the front fabric and chenille backing.

Hopefully this is the perfect little baby gift my sister was looking for!



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