Three’s Company

“Come and knock on our door….”

No, this is not a tribute to the great American sitcom Three’s Company, but I couldn’t help myself.  What a catchy theme song, right?  RIP John Ritter.  In this instance, the three is in reference to the third baby/toddler quilt finished to match the other two previous mentioned quilts.

I need a better camera!  The birds and bird house prints used in the quilt are pretty cute.  These great fabric designs come again from Ann Kelle.  Like I’ve said before all three quilts are similar, but different.

I think they look great together.  I have loved Ann Kelle fabrics ever since I discovered them, so it is pretty cool to make three different quilts using nothing but her prints.  I actually originally came up with this quilt layout because I wanted large blocks of fabric to show off the Ann Kelle print Urban Zoologie Owls in Bermuda. 

Again, I can’t get enough of the striped binding.  These quilts have been shipped off to their new owners and hopefully will be loved for many years to come.



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