Hoo’s in the Forest

Just when I vowed to not buy fabric for a while, a new line of fabric comes along and I just simply couldn’t resist.  It always seems to happen like that.  Even though I knew I had plenty of fabric in my possession, I could not fight the urge.  Congratulations Hoo’s in the Forest, you win this round.

I found some great precuts and a couple of supplementary yards and there was no turning back.  Hoo’s in the Forest is a line by Doohikey Designs and it is manufactured by Riley Blake Designs. 

I made this quilt out of my unnecessary fabric purchase.  It is 35 inches wide and just over 56 inches long.  The prints are so cheerful I think I enjoyed ever step of the process.  This fabric features adorable skunks, owls, deer, frogs, and even hedgehogs.  Honestly, what is not to love?

I did some diagonal quilting lines to add to the vertical lines along the seams, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.  The quilting sort of reminds me of a blanket I was attached to as a toddler/child/young adult.  Yes, I was that kid, but that is a story for another time.

I think I might love the back of this quilt just as much or more than the front. There really is just something about a pieced back that brings a smile to face. 

Remember you can always support my fabric addiction by stopping by our little store.  Hopefully this quilt will find a loving home soon! Update:  It did find a wonderful home almost immediately!  I guess I am not the only one loving this fabric.



2 responses to “Hoo’s in the Forest

  1. Nice quilt – I’ve been wondering what to do with this fabric line for awhile, and this looks great. There’s not too much out there yet. Maybe now I’ll let myself order some too.

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