End of June 2011

Where has June gone?  This month has come and gone so quickly, and now only half of 2011 remains.  Even though time seems to be moving at a rapid pace, there are not many complaints here.  July has always been a favorite month to me.  I love the 4th of July holiday.  I love it for the bbq’s, fireworks, and parades, but of course also for the meaning of the holiday.  This July will be extra special as our sister, Allison, is getting married.  Fun times with family and friends lay ahead.

I have been trying to get some craft and sewing projects completed, but it seems like my list just keeps getting longer.  My list has projects on it that I need to finish up for the wedding, projects requested from others, and new projects that I just keep adding as my fabric stash continues to grow.  Here is quilt top that I was asked to do based on the owl quilt I made.  I think it is ridiculously cute.

More updates on this project will come soon.  It has now been quilted together and it just needs a binding added.  I am still going back and forth on a couple of options for the binding, but it should be completed soon.

This baby quilt features helicopters from Ann Kelle’s Ready, Set, Go fabric line.  I love all of her designs and have several of them in my fabric stash.  They are bright, fun, bold, and so insanely cute that I just can’t seem get enough.

Hopefully more projects will move from the to-do to the completed list soon!



5 responses to “End of June 2011

  1. I love it! I knew you would make it stand out. It’s not the same old pastel-baby-blue & I really like the bright funky prints!

  2. I love the design of your quilt. It is so simple in fabric selection, and yet the combination is so striking. Who would have thought that helicopters, stripes and polka dots would look so good together.

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