Adventures in Quilting

The perfectionist in me wonders why I am even trying to go down this road at all.  The fabric-aholic side of me says, “More, More, More!”.  So here I am attempting to traverse and conquer the tricky terrain that is quilting.  There are a few things I did not realize when I first started down this path.  First, the time that is involved in the whole process is much more than I anticipated.  This could be due to the fact that I don’t have that much experience, but now I have even more admiration for the beautiful, big finished quilts I see.  Second, I now know just how important accuracy in cutting is.  If the fabric cut is off just a fragment, alignment issues seem to multiply.  This fact annoys the heck out of my perfectionist side.  I am trying to become better at all of the quilting steps in an attempt to eliminate said issues, and let go of the issues that perhaps only my inner perfectionist notices.

So here is my most recent quilting project.  I love, love, love the owl print.  It is Owls in Bermuda from the Urban Zoologie collection by Anne Kelle.  I wanted to show off this print as much as possible so I came up with the layout shown below of the finished quilt top.

I added batting and used a sunny yellow fleece for backing to give the quilt some extra depth and softness.  Finally, it was finished off with a bown polka dot binding.

The finished size of the quilt is 36″x42″ to make a great baby or toddler blanket.  Hopefully someday it finds a great home.



3 responses to “Adventures in Quilting

  1. Gorgeous. Very nice work & the colors are fab! My sis wants one just like this, but using the helicopters instead of owls. I am wondering if you would do a custom order?

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