Kenley – The Inspiration

We have been involved in the crafting community long before Kenley came along.  This being said, she is the inspiration for a lot of our designs. 

First, Kenley has not always been blessed in the hair department.  So to distinguish her ‘girly’ side her mom made her several hair bows to wear on different head bands.  They recieved so many compliments that the idea to sell them was born. 

Next, Kenley started to eat and enjoy different types of food that didn’t come in the bottle.  On a trip out to visit me, her aunt, the need for a durable and wipeable bib was high on the priority list.  I quickly learned that wipeable bibs available in stores are not of the best quality if they are even available at all.  Kyle and I worked together to form the design for our version of a quailty wipeable bib.


 I sew clear vinyl over a 100% cotton quilting quailty fabric for a light, but durable bib.  The ties allow for it to be fairly adjustable to most sizes. 


Kyle wipes off the bib for several uses in a row.  When Kenley is really messy, she washes it in the washing machine on a cool setting and lets it air dry.  So far they are standing up to the test of time.

We are continually making new projects and coming up with new ideas, but here are a couple of our original inspirations. 


   Thanks for all the inspiration Kenley!!



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